Where ideas get made...
What goes on inside the laboratory of secrets?

Creative project management. BIG + small.

Whether you need a brand new idea, or have a new idea for your brand and need a little help in bringing it to whichever market your business is in...

*Audio | original music, sound fx, idents, sound-beds + syncs.
*Content | media assets, photo/film work, original copy creation, presentation design + coach works
*Creative | anything, and wherever possible a soupcon of everything
*Design | brand identity, logo creation, print works, digital - online, spatial design (shop works)
*Digital | website design/construction/hosting, SEO, comms, social media integration
*Events | complete travel/events management (incentive, corporate, social)
*Logistics | corporate workflow, business design, HR review and implementation

Any part of a business can be improved upon by standing back and looking at both the macro and the whole from a creative standpoint… not necessarily in a rush to do more, but often simply to ask are we doing the most with what we already have.

At OsL we love to make things, small things and BIG things, and things that are in-between (so medium-ish if you will). Designing, constructing, collaborating, tweaking and _ing in general.

OsL. Where ideas get made…

"...we work with some of the largest sports and entertainment clients in the world, so as you can imagine our brand identity is absolutely vital to us.

OurSecretLab not only helped us define that identity, but brought it to life through all the media and content assets they produced.

They have produced incredible results for us on very restrictive deadlines, and always exceeded our expectations whilst remaining strictly on point as concerns budget numbers.

Put really simply, we love the way the lab works..."
- Simon Oliveira, Director/Founder (Doyen Global)
Lewis Hamilton
Logo Origination | Graphic Design
Most great design starts with a simple need, but going about satisfying that need can involve a complex process of innovation, collaboration and perspiration.

When OsL begin discussions with a client we try to go undercover, Axel Foley_style. We try to delve beneath the top layers of the brief, you know deep, deep, DEEP undercover… to really understand what’s in play, and what’s not.

Having mild OCD helps for sure, but it’s the dedication to a belief that the perfection of simple, clean design can be one of the most intriguing and rewarding creative processes of all.

Getting things just right, quickly, should seem to be as simple as the end product itself, even when it is not. Absolutely not a case of deception, more perception.

The final concise and elegant definition of that which is needed, and that which is not.

"...we had already tried a couple of other agencies and they just didn't get anywhere near what I wanted, but OurSecretLab immediately nailed what kind of design I was after straight out the gate.

And I just love people who help me move fast…”
- Lewis Hamilton, F1 World Champion 2008/2014.
Audio Design | Digital Workflow
Filling in the gaps for quick turnaround projects is something that we often get asked to do.

Working with a regular group of AAA designers, coders, musicians, sound engiineers and directors means that we’re able to offer our clients 999 style call out on the shortest of notices.

Like a digital AA, but with a tad less yellow in the uniform.

"...we often find that we get briefs from the hugest of clients that need to be turned around on tight (insane) deadlines.

Having OurSecretLab on speed dial means that when things get a little heavy in the bunker, we’ve got options, lot’s of options.

Smart, efficient, innovative and cost effective.

Like the tagline says, OsL - it’s where ideas get made”
- Henry Gibson, Director/Founder (Engine)
Moulton Cycles
Brand Film | Sales + Marketing
A short film that we made that gives just a little flavour of the incredible Moulton Bicycle Company. A company that still hand makes every part of the frame for each and every bike that leaves the beautiful and romantic little shop of curios that is their home in Bradford-Upon-Avon.

Whilst the Moulton bicycles of today are of different appearance and construction to the original models, the ethos of improved ride comfort, high performance, convenience and practicality in use is still the same. It is incredible to note that the space-frame Moulton, some twenty-five years after initial launch, is still regarded as a highly advanced and superior bicycle design.

Still to this day the performance compares quite favourably with even the most modern diamond frame bicycles, even those of carbon fibre construction. A brilliantly conceived piece of 1970's future tech, that has been subtly tweaked and improved on throughout its life, without ever losing its original historical soul. The perfect combination of effective artistry, creative technology and delicious performance.

Strong parallels can indeed be drawn between the evolution of the Moulton bicycle and research undertaken by Moulton Developments Ltd. (coolest olde-Englande black ops style company name ever) in other fields. The rubber suspension systems used on the bicycle owe much to the Moulton automotive suspension systems used on the Mini (hellloooooo rally wins), the MGF and over fifteen million British motor cars built between 1959 and 2000.

There's a difference though between simply manufacturing things, and actually crafting something. The basic premise of this film was to show exactly that difference, and celebrate the nature of passion in ones craft.

When you invest in buying a Moulton, you're not just buying a bicycle, you're buying into 50 years of hand crafted history, you're buying into the 70 hours of handmade braising on the frame alone, that was probably completed by someone with up to 50 years experience AT THE SAME LOCATION!

In this day and age of computer controlled Ikea vs Robotron mass production for almost everything, we definitely felt that the loving and dedicated level of craftsmanship bestowed upon every Moulton bike was something worth celebrating.

We always felt that really focussing in on the custom nature of excellence that defined Moulton would give us the launchpad for this brand refresh, but what came after that (the view rates, and the incredible interest of the leveraging of the film for marketing + sales purposes), well that was something pretty special…

"...the response we had to this film was nothing short of mystical!

Over 1 million world wide views, and upwards of £250k worth of new Moulton related business that was attributable to not just the film that OsL did, but all of the associated marketing and sales activities as well

The Lab. It’s a magical place…”
- Andrew Fudge, Director (Fudges Cycle Store)
Brand Rework | Print + Digital
Complete brand refresh and overhaul for this small (but mighty) fashion public relations company...

New logo, branding and style guides, print assets and digital platforms as part of phase1.

With phase2 consisting of ongoing design, content and comms elements that build and expand on the initial work up.

"...I really ❤️ the Lab and everything they do, they're amazing.

Their completely fresh take on our branding has met with universal approval from clients and industry contacts, and it's helped propel us on to even greater heights.

More than expertly nailing the initial brief though, we've found their continuing help with design and communications to be invaluable to our day-to-day business..."
Philippa Devetta (Founder/CEO), DVPR
Brand Films | Sales + Marketing
Making small brand films for this boutique merchandising label was an absolute pleasure.


Because, just like the clothing they make; they’re really super lovely, on point, and a great fit.

"…the Lab team make with super fineness as their default setting.

Impeccable table manners help of course, as do a shared love of important things like trainers, coffee, sweatshirts, electronic music and football.

Every time we do something with OsL we always get a stellar response, and sell some more things, so that’s nice…”
- Tom Mangan, Director/Founder (Millionhands Clothing)
Doyen Global_1
Brand Identity | Digital + Print Assets
When you want to go toe to toe against the very biggest and baddest boys and girls in global sports and entertainment, then you'd better have game of your own.

DG has game.
3 points at the buzzer type game.
Jordan game.

And doesn’t it show…

"…whether approaching the largest of corporate companies to discuss sponsorship, or whether we’re talking to the hottest new names in sports and entertainment, the Doyen Global branding designed by OurSecretLab speaks volumes very clearly about who we are, without ever having to shout too loudly.

Working alongside the likes of Neymar, Boris Becker, Universal and David Beckham (comms + media), only adds to the sense of a clearly defined identity that we created from the very beginning with the OsL team, one based on our desire to work with the very best.

With this in mind, we wouldn’t go anywhere else for design, content or brand assets. They’re that good…”
- Simon Oliveira, Director/Founder (Doyen Global)
Doyen Global_2
Film+Audio Ident | Graphic Design
When the Class of ’92 edit was due to finish ahead of schedule, it became an urgent matter when the team from Doyen Global realised that their major input in the film would not be highlighted at screenings without a cinematic film production ident to sit alongside the other producers.

The only problem, there were only 3 days to completely create, design, tweak and produce an ident that would ping when shown on a screen the size of a bus.

Oh and we also had to create an original piece of ident sting music that would be memorable without being generic.

72 hours… Done, done and indeed done.

“…I will admit that it didn’t even seem possible to get this done, to the standard that we wanted, in the time that we had.

But the boys and girls from the Lab are like Navy S.E.A.L. Team 6… it just gets done…”
- Matthew Kay, Director/Founder (Doyen Global)
Doyen Global_3
Website Design + Construction | Hosting
So what do you do when you’ve got an identity to be proud of… you want to share it with other people, quite often these days through the binary medium of the world wide inter web.

Taking the brand design, media assets and start up content that we had created during the initial graphics process, we designed a website that fit the company profile just so.

Super smart, clean, simple and riddled with great imagery, video and bespoke and unique content… all wrapped up in a bow made of lean + fast loading code with a side order of Tweet love.

“…it’s such a pleasure to work with a team who get what it is you want, and then instantly improve on that and hand you back something even shinier.

I don’t know what they’re smoking in the Lab, but it’s definitely working…”
- Simon Oliveira, Director/Founder (Doyen Global).
Tavistock Bow
Brand Identity | Digital + Print Assets
Before a single line is drawn, we spend a large amount of our time talking, and an even larger amount of time listening, about who it is you are and what you want to do with that sense of identity.

Getting under the skin of brand, new or established, 'getting molecular' as we say, is where all of the goodly nutritious + essential stuff is hidden.

Our collaborative mood boards, sketches and initial design ideas are not just about pretty pictures and stationery to match, they’re about assisting with the construction of a brand identity that speaks to a customers sense of need and desire whilst remaining true to the companies ideals and goals.

In an age of ubiquitous media and marketing, having something that looks/sounds/is a little bit like something else, just won’t cut it. Ever.

"…the attention to detail that the guys from the Lab put into our start up was obsessional in the very best possible way.

They got really close with their first draft of designs, but then spent a lot of time with us honing and tweaking to ensure that we’d got exactly what we needed, even though it was so much more than we’d expected.

The feedback from everyone we’ve shown the artwork to has been incredible, and as far as our paradoxical brief of heavyweight yet independent went, they nailed it 100%...”
- Hannah Read, Director (Tavistock Bow)
Events | A/V | Content Management
We have worked with this global medical firm on numerous projects, events and concepts across the last 5 years.

From managing their Presidents Club sales incentive program (for the whole sales forces across Europe, Emerging Markets + Africa), to smaller regional events, all from the first phone call to the very last Excel spreadsheet (plus the other 99% in-between these bookends).

This is a great company who have always shown great faith and trust in the way we do things completely differently from everyobody else.

Our love of complete financial transparency, combined with holistic event management, means that we deliver what others cannot in terms of content, innovation and service… just like the client themselves to patients around the world.

“...I’ve worked with Cass and the OsL team for the last 5 years, on various projects in the UK and across the world, and they’ve all been exceptional.

I make one call, lay out a few bullet points, and then 9 months later everything is just as it should be, with the usual healthy dose of OurSecretLab magic sprinkled on top.

Whether it’s the event management, running a large and complex A/V set-up, calling the production on a monstrous Gala awards night for 500+ people, or spending 1on1 time for content generation and presentation work ups, the Lab is very much where it’s at.

On another level.
On budget.
On point.
I don’t work with anyone else, ever.

Hell, I don’t even call anyone else anymore…”
- James Allsop, General Manager UK/Ire/Nordic (Bard Ltd)
Where the ideas get made... real.
This is our little workshop, the home of the goodly, made real.

We like to make, curate and collate here.

You can actually buy the shiny things, by just pressing on the OsL_made logo at the bottom of the page.

Mmmmmmmmm, shiny things.

”…we do 100’s of jobs across all kinds of work, but there’s definitely something special about what the Lab guys have us do.

There’s a lot to be said for working with people who think creatively, and no matter what the obstacles (mental and physical) look to create something of real value as an end product.

That’s the difference between craftsmanship and other things… the OurSecretLab team are craftsmen, and we take a lot of pleasure and pride in being an integral part of that dedication to craft on so many occasions...”
- Simon Downer, Owner/Director (A14 Print Finishing)